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Why Marketing is the Highest(ish) Calling of Mankind.

Marketing, when done right, solves problems, advances civilization and makes the world a better place, for everyone.

I love marketing. Most people give me a weird look when I say that and I still don’t understand why. I genuinely love marketing.

Marketing to me is about helping people. When a client approaches me with a product or service, it’s almost always a legitimate solution to a real problem. Else their customers wouldn’t be giving them real money in return for it.

The problem might not always be life-and-death, sometimes its helping people purchase fresh produce right from the comfort of their home or helping a non-resident family look up and order everything they need for their dream home under construction back in their native.

Marketing is a virtuous cycle of problem-solving. When I help the Non-resident family discover the product and purchase using my client's product, I solve my client’s problem as well on top of the customers’.

When my client has their problem solved, they solve their suppliers’, employees’ and investors’ problems as well — and the cycle continues as a beautiful fractal.

Marketing for that reason to me is one of the best things you can do with your career and your life.

That’s not the end of it, unfortunately. Like most good things marketing too can be a force for evil, depending on the hands that wield it. When the product or service is bad, marketing can be the greatest act of predation.

If all marketers vouch to market products that genuinely made our world a better place, even if by an ounce, our world would be a dream to live in.

Let’s spend our energy and whatever marketing wits we have been bestowed with connecting real solutions to people who have the problem. Nothing more and nothing less.





Growth Obsessed Fractional CMO.

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Tijo Philip

Tijo Philip

Growth Obsessed Fractional CMO.

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